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Repair Your Pavement Potholes Today

We Fill Asphalt and Repair Asphalt in the Brainerd Lakes Area
If your asphalt is starting to break down, take action before even more damage! Lakes Pavement Maintenance provides asphalt repair services for minor potholes in the Brainerd Lakes Area.
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What is Pothole Repair/Asphalt Repair?

Our service includes:

  • Cold Mix Pothole Patching
  • Hot Mix Pothole Patching
  • Temporary Cold Mix Filling

Potholes aren’t just annoying, but they can wreak havoc on your vehicle. There are many pothole repair techniques to choose from that range in cost dramatically. The best way to find out how much it will cost to fix your potholes is to request a quote from an asphalt contractor like us. Most driveway potholes require simple cold mix patches or small hot mix patches but rarely justify the high cost of a full remove and replace. Larger potholes on roads or in parking lots normally are a sign that the pavement needs some serious remediation. You will require a full-depth pothole patch or, in severe cases, a new asphalt service entirely. There are even temporary pothole repair solutions that will fill potholes for days, weeks, months, or years depending on traffic levels. Are you ready to find out what we recommend? Contact us today!

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Our Professional Grade Crafco Crack Seal Kettle

Pothole Repair/Asphalt Repair Technical Details:

Our pothole repair techniques and materials depend heavily on each individual project. We source local hot mix and cold mix on a per-project basis.

How We Apply Pothole Repair/Asphalt Repair Treatments


Cut & Cleant

  • Cut away old asphalt
  • Clean any weeds or debris
  • Repair base as needed
  • Apply tack if necessary


Fill & Tamp

  • Acquire hot/cold mix
  • Fill with hot/cold mix
  • Tamp and compact as necessary


Protect From Traffic

  • Cone Off Pavement
  • Allow setting for 24 hours+
  • Open to traffic

FAQs for Pothole Repair/Asphalt Repair

What's the best way to fill potholes?

It’s all about cost when it comes to potholes. Simply the best thing you can do is do full-depth patches, but these are often very expensive.

What's the most affordable way to fix potholes?

Some cold mix solutions can be dumped directly into the pothole. These are affordable, but considered temporary.