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Crack Repair & Filling Is The Most Vital Pavement Maintenance Task

Crack Repair & Filling from Brainerd to Bemidji
Dontcha know, that crack repair in Brainerd, Pequot, Nisswa, Bemidji, Walker, and all areas in Central Minnesota is the most essential pavement maintenance task for us Minnesotans to perform? Lakes Pavement is the asphalt contractor that you should trust for your driveway, parking lot, or road crack repair, seal and fill jobs! Our professional employees, materials, and equipment get the job done right and get the job done well! Call today for crack repair in Central Minnesota!
Repairing Road Cracks
Crack seal crew member prepping cracks

What is Crack Repair?

Our service includes:

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Asphalt Crack Filling

Crack repair, also known as crack sealing or crack filling, is one of the most essential asphalt repair and maintenance practices. Cracks in your asphalt allow water to penetrate and erode the material below. Regular crack maintenance prevents potholes and further asphalt damage. It is essential to use the right equipment and materials to ensure that a crack seal job can withstand tough Minnesota temperature changes. Most standard DIY crack seal solutions for driveways or parking lots just won’t cut it. With most store-bought solutions, you will find that you need to reapply your crack seal treatment every year. This means you protect your asphalt’s subbase from some water, but you miss a bunch more. If you don’t properly address cracks forming and apply a professional-grade solution, you will face expensive repairs sooner rather than later.

At Lakes Pavement Maintenance, we use a professional-grade Crafco rubber melter to melt the crack seal to a temperature that meets the manufacturer’s specifications, typically between 350-400 degrees. Once the rubber reaches its molten state, the crack seal pot continues to mix and maintain that temperature without burning the material. Then we apply the molten rubber to the cracks that we have cleaned and prepped. If you’re serious about keeping your asphalt in good shape, contact us today for a free estimate.

Our Professional Grade Crafco Crack Seal Kettle

Crack Repair Technical Details:

We use high-quality Crafco Roadsaver 221 for most of our projects. It is a hot-applied asphalt-based product used to seal and fill cracks. It forms an adhesive bond that resists cracking in the winter and is resistant to flow and pick-up at summer temperatures. It qualifies for use on highways, streets, and even airfields. It has been an excellent performing product for the leader in pavement preservation, Crafco, for over 30 years.

How We Apply Crack Repair Treatments


Surface Prep

  • Ensure Dry Surface
  • Remove Weeds and Vegetation
  • Blow Out Cracks


Seal Cracks

  • Melt the Rubber to Manufacturer Specs.
  • Fill The Cracks With Hot Sealant
  • Squeegee The Sealant To Ensure Good Coverage


Let Set

  • Cone Off Pavement
  • Apply A De-Tack Solution If Necessary
  • When Cooled, Allow Traffic

FAQs for Crack Repair


The best crack sealants that are produced are hot pour solutions. Most cold pour solutions that can be found at the local hardware store are too rigid and can’t expand and contract with the cracks.


For certain jobs we will route cracks. However, for most driveways and parking lots just filling the cracks is the most economic and practical solution.