Crack Repair In The Lakes Area

sealing cracks in pavement in mn

What is Crack Repair?

Crack repair, also known as crack sealing or crack filling is one of the most essential asphalt repair and maintenance practices. Cracks in your asphalt allow water to penetrate and erode the material below. Regular crack maintenance prevents potholes and further asphalt damage. 

Product Technical Details

We use a hot pour rubberized crack sealant that expands and contracts with the cracks throughout the seasons.

Our Process


Surface Prep


Seal Cracks


Let Set

Crack Repair FAQs

Why Hot Rubber?

The best crack sealants that are produced are hot pour solutions. Most cold pour solutions that can be found at the local hardware store are too rigid and can’t expand and contract with the cracks.

Do you route cracks?

For certain jobs we will route cracks. However, for most driveways and parking lots just filling the cracks is the most economic and practical solution.