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Pavement Maintenance is a rewarding career or summer job that keeps you active and outdoors while you improve important life skills like problem-solving, small engine repair, and accountability. We hire hard workers and we pay fair wages! Join our crew today to work side-by-side with the Lakes Pavement Maintenance owners and earn great money while developing important life skills.
lakes pavement maintenance logo

We are currently seeking hard-working crew members who want to earn good money, while building skills for a life and a career. 

Pavement maintenance is hard work and requires that you pay attention and engage with your surroundings. 

But, it is very rewarding work. Not only will you stay fit & get a good tan, but you will apply problem solving skills, troubleshoot small engines and equipment, join an environment that is respectful and hard-working, and learn to love the smell of crack seal season! 

If you or you know of someone interested in working for us, please contact us today!