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Lakes Pavement Maintenance takes a professional approach to pavement maintenance. We work with homeowners, HOAs, cities, and building owners to create long-lasting pavement that looks great. We are located in Pequot Lakes and serve central Minnesota from Brainerd to Bemidji.
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crack repair
Our truck on a crack seal project

Who is Lakes Pavement Maintenance?

Lakes Pavement Maintenance was founded in 2021 to provide sealcoat, crack repair, pothole repair, and line painting services to the Brainerd Lakes Area. We have had two enormously successful seasons and have had the privilege of working with some excellent clients, including the City of Garrison, Ernie’s on Gull Lake, and C&C Boat Works, to name a few. We’ve also worked with HOAs and homeowners across Nisswa, Pequot, and all of the Brainerd Lakes Area. 

With the help of a little bit of hard work and a lot of great customers, we’ve been fortunate enough to purchase multiple work trucks and some of the highest-quality pavement maintenance equipment available. 

For our sealcoat jobs, we run a F-550 with a 700 gallon Sealrite tank mounted on the bed. For our crack seal, we run a 125-gallon E-Z Series Crafco Kettle towed by another trusty Ford. 

Our crew operates out of Pequot Lakes and services driveways, HOAs, parking lots, and public and private roadways everywhere from Brainerd to Bemidji, mainly providing service in Brainerd, Nisswa, Cross Lake, and Walker. 

Sealcoating a difficult parking lot mn
We respect your property, by keeping things neat and clean.
ted nelson sealcoating a parking lot
Owner, Ted spraying sealcoat

The Crew



Prior to starting Lakes Pavement, I graduated from NDSU and then spent two years in Bozeman, MT working for an asphalt maintenance company. This is where I learned to preserve pavement. I was heavily involved with the owners, learning not only how to apply treatments, but what it takes to run a successful business. I became the first Superintendent of the crews that they hired.

With my new knowledge and a desire to be back with family, I moved back home to Nisswa to start Lakes Pavement. I’m very excited to be home. I’ve lived in this community my whole life. It’s where I learned to hunt, fish and work hard. And now, it is where I get to provide a service that helps to maintain the quality of our Lakes Area.

Cooper Tollefson


I’ve been hunting, fishing, working and learning in the Brainerd Lakes area for my entire life. I love it here. I’ve always dreamed about owning my own business in the lakes area and Lakes Pavement is my opportunity to make that a reality.

One thing that really gets me excited about Lakes Pavement are the opportunities that I will have to work with other area business owners and homeowners. I really enjoy learning about new customers and figuring out ways that I can provide a service that will bring value to their businesses and lives. I can’t wait to be out maintaining your parking lot or driveway, but most importantly, I look forward to getting to know you along the way.