Line Striping For central MN Parking Lots

parking lot line striping
Line Striping done by Lakes Pavement in 2021
parking lot striping
Accessible Parking Spaces

About Line Striping

Line painting is one of the most important final steps to new asphalt and fresh sealcoats. It is essential that you use an experienced asphalt contractor, like Lakes Pavement, to paint clean and straight lines. Improperly maintained or calibrated equipment can make your new parking lot look disorganized and unprofessional.

We focus on creating quality line striping that will keep your parking lot ADA compliant, organized and safe.  

Line Striping in Minnesota
Line Stripe Project in Central MN

Product Technical Details

We use the best line paint to ensure that your stripes will hold up to weathering and traffic. 

Our Process


Prep & Layout




Let Dry

Line Striping FAQs

how long until it dries?

Paint can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to dry. As long as the paint is dry to the touch and there aren’t any paint bubbles, the lines can be driven on.

Can You Paint curbs?

Yes, we can do a variety of painting. Almost any painting that you need we can take care of it. 

what colors can you use?

We’ll typically use yellow, blue, and white. However, we can paint in a variety of colors. Including red for fire lanes or even green for bike lanes.  Just ask!

do you use stencils?

Yes, for routine painting like accessible spaces, we use ADA compliant parking lot stencils. If you have used a certain stencil in the past, just let us know and we’ll try to match it!