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Parking Lot Painting & Line Striping In Central Minnesota

We Paint Parking Lots From Brainerd to Bemidji
Your parking lot is your customers’ first impression of your business! By getting new, bright, and vibrant lines your customers will feel better walking into your business. We provide line striping and parking lot painting for Central MN parking lots.
2021 Line Striping Project
parking lot striping
Accessible parking lot painting.

What is Parking Lot Painting & Striping?

Our Line Striping Service Includes:

  • ADA Compliant Line Striping
  • Curb Painting
  • Parking Lot Line Painting
  • Curb Stop & Bollard Post Installation
  • Cross Walk Painting
  • Sport Court Markings


When people drive through your parking lot, drivers notice two major things: potholes and lines. We don’t fix potholes with paint, but we sure can refresh your lines! Parking lot painting & line striping is an affordable way to bring new life to existing parking lots and is mandatory for new lots or freshly sealcoated lots.  Having bright visible lines makes your parking lot easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate, ultimately making your parking a lot safer!

Getting straight lines painted or painting large lots requires proper equipment and knowledge. Lakes Pavement Maintenance is an experienced asphalt contractor with high-quality equipment and great knowledge. We take extra care to properly maintain and calibrate equipment to ensure our line painters create a clean, organized, professional-looking parking lot every single time. As a professional quality asphalt contractor, we also know that it is very important to coordinate and plan your painting project properly. We work with you to shut down lots when it is most convenient for you and your business (sometimes, we’ll even paint after business hours or overnight).

striping a parking lot mn
Painting arrows on a parking lot
Line Striping in Minnesota
line painting and striping project in Central, MN

Parking Lot Painting & Striping Technical Details:

For most parking lot painting projects, we use Sherwin Williams Pro-Park ™ a waterborne traffic marking paint. Pro-Park is a premium quality waterborne acrylic alkyd traffic marking paint. It has excellent chemical and dirt pickup resistance and delivers on performance for every parking lot application.

How We Apply Parking Lot Painting & Striping Treatments


Prep & Layout

  • Sweep and Clean
  • Blow All Material From The Surface
  • Tape and Layout The Lot


Paint The Lines

  • Use Our Graco LineLazer to Paint Straight Lines
  • Add Any Stencils or Special Marks


Let Dry

  • Cone Off Pavement
  • No Traffic For 2-10 Hours
  • Open The Lot

FAQs for Parking Lot Painting & Striping


Paint can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to dry. As long as the paint is dry to the touch and there aren’t any paint bubbles, the lines can be driven on.


Yes, we can do a variety of painting. Almost any painting that you need we can take care of it.


We’ll typically use yellow, blue, and white. However, we can paint in a variety of colors. Including red for fire lanes or even green for bike lanes. Just ask!


Yes, for routine painting like accessible spaces, we use ADA compliant parking lot stencils. If you have used a certain stencil in the past, just let us know and we’ll try to match it!